Computational Fluid Dynamics

I have had a wide variety of projects using “CFD”. This can be categorised into a few different areas:

Heat Based Studies
These include a heat source which is then transfer to different areas of the study area. Applications I normally work on (but not limited to) comprise of scenarios for electronics, exhaust systems, building projects. These can be based at a specific time period or over a period of time.

Specific studies can also be transferred to standard FEA analysis for thermal expansion and stress analysis

Internal Airflow on Electronics Box

Wind Pressure Studies
Normally these relate to buildings or products that in an external environment which could be susceptible to wind loading i.e. A sign or a car side mirror.

In the study below a wind loading has been applied onto the side of a facade. The building wall has been hidden in the video, after the study is complete we can output the results to FEA to calculated the displacements. In these results the facade sails were not strong enough, as they displaced almost 50mm. Additional support had to be added to minimise the risk of fatigue damage over time.

Wind Loading on Building Facade

Fluid Efficiency Studies
These on the whole are internal closed systems where efficiency, even  or well dispersed flow is important. In this case the ports on the shower head had to have equal flow, a diffuser had to be developed to try and spread the flow more evenly.

Internal Flow of a Chemical Shower Head