In the Architectural sector most of my work has been based in Architectural Glazing and BIM. The hardest job I had within glazing work was to apply 72 individually cut and rolled glass sections into a sky light which had been listed.

Over its lifetime the frame which is made of wood as bowed and twist due to wind loads. This caused a unique problem which took some time to try and figure out what was the best solution to get all the 72 pieces of glass to seal within tolerance.

The glass could not be twisted so it took 24 parametric assemblies linked to a part file with the scan data of the original framework to get them all to fit currently.

I worked on envelope and curtain wall designs which were much more straight forward than the example above. This was using mainly Schuco and Kawneer systems.

Anyway from glazing, I have also worked on structure steel work and balconies for housing developments.