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If you are looking for consultancy work within Solidworks you are definitely in the right place! I created this website to showcase my experience and expertise of the Solidworks package.

I hope you enjoy looking at some of the projects that I have worked on over the years. If you have any queries please feel free to get in contact with me.

Myles Bryning


This is a selection of my portfolio from some of my past work in Solidworks. My work has been fairly varied, which as help broaden my experience within the major sectors where design and analysis is required.

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In my first job in the engineering sector my primary task was supporting customers directly on a daily basis with any design and technical problems they might incur within Solidworks. Over the years I created a vast amount of CAD geometry from practically all related industries that Solidworks serves, this geometry was used in presales demos and proof of concept to new customers interested in using Solidworks. I have solved some geometrically very challenging issues with some customers by problem solving and thinking outside of the box. This work has normally ended up in consultancy so that they can get their projects back on track quickly.

For the last four years I focused more on the FEA and CFD side of the package. This was a mixture of problem solving, training, general support and consultancy work. I also spent time collaborating and designing large PDM systems, this included a few medical and aerospace companies which require complex approval and revision systems.

Over the years I have also achieved a number of qualifications, I was ranked “Elite” and within the top 10 listing in Europe regarding the number of qualifications received (approximately 35) via Solidworks at the beginning of 2017.

A list of my certificates can be found here

Some of the work I have completed over the years include automotive products from leading manufactures, surface modelling for advertising media, mould design and a whole motorcycle design.


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